North Padre 6/10-6/12
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Thread: North Padre 6/10-6/12

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    North Padre 6/10-6/12

    Weekend 2 of 3 had highs and lows.

    WEATHER: Winds were little stronger this weekend. Saw a few whitecaps here and there driving in. Overall hot and humid. Dog days of summer are here y'all. Water still had good color. Not as clear as last weekend but still green.

    CHANNEL DOCK: Didn't make it to the surf this trip, so all fishing was from our house dock on the channels near. Started fishing Friday night around 7:30pm. Tried croaker and live shrimp. Got 0 bites on the croaker. Caught a piggy and tried using him as bait too, but no bites. Fishing was pretty slow until around 9pm. Mostly smallies stealing bait. Our neighbor has a submerged light, but I've never caught anything over it, until now. Caught my very first keeper red and 3 keeper trout on live shrimp and these corks Night Bobby Lighted Floats | Bass Pro Shops: The Best Hunting, Fishing, Camping & Outdoor Gear

    Almost lost the red as it tried to wrap around a dock post, but I got him unwrapped, in the net, and on the dock. The sh*t eatin grin on my face pretty much sums it up.

    Rest of the weekend was kind of a bust fishing wise. Fished both early mornings til it got too hot. Caught a combo of perch, ladyfish, hardheads and small trout. I caught 2 hardheads with live bait on a cork. that has never happened to me before. Next night, something big was in the light scaring away most of the fish. Couldn't tell what it was, but might have been a big ray because it seemed to cover a large amount of surface area.

    One epic fail was I landed an real nice trout saturday mid morning. I'm guessing over 20 inches, but as I pulled it up to the dock, the float busted loose off my line. So I could see him swim away. What did I do? I jumped in the yak and tried to chase him down. I followed that damn float up and down the channel but when ever I'd get close enough to snag it, he'd dive on me. We played that game for about an hour before I tired out before he did. Definitely pissed me off. that's what happens when you don't tie your own knots.

    Also, as a gag gift I bought this for my Father in law: TactiBite Fish Call - Electronic Fish Attractor I'm still on the fence about if it worked or not. I feel like we had no bite, and then turned it on and had plenty of perch bite, but nothing substantial. Jury is still out. We had it close to the dock. I wonder how it would do out in the bay/flats.

    This weekend we will head to IB Magee on Friday to camp 2 nights. Looking forward to fishing the jetty. Haven't done that in a few years.
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