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    Ring Free

    Anyone happen to have a good (read reasonably priced) source for Yamalube Ring Free? I had been getting it out of Florida for about $15 a quart cheaper (including delivery) than my dealer but they have either quit selling the product or are out of stock.

    Thanks in advance!
    Luv \'Em and Leave \'Em

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    Don't use the stuff myself, so is this a good price?


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    Yeah...those are higher than what I was paying BUT cheaper than the dealer. I was getting 32 oz. delivered for just shy of $40. Nearest thing to that price is the 6 quart bulk ad.

    Just thought I would throw the question out there because I like to buy local when I can. Thanks!
    Luv \'Em and Leave \'Em

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    I get mine on Amazon.



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