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Thread: San Gaberial River. (Steps)

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    Well shoot, I have no idea what it is going to take to get these fish feeding. The water yesterday was just the right color to bring up a bunch of fish and if it did, I sure didn't find the hot spot. Fished from 4:30pm to about 6:30, the water has come up maybe 6 to 4 inches, not much. But in the past years, this much rise and water color really has turned the fish on and one could catch a limit of nice size fish. Yesterday I did catch around a dozen, about eight of those were keepers. I had a good mix of whites and crappie. But I had to go downstream from the steps to do so. Noting to speak of up shallow, plus the current is really strong in the shallows. But I fished areas that should hold fish, but couldn't get bit. But downstream in calmer deeper water is where the best bite occurred. It's going to be a beautiful day today, I might have to go back this afternoon, we will see. I do know that when the water turns stained like this, there will be that one day the fish just go nuts and I don't want to miss that day. The water may have been just a tad to murky yesterday, but this river clears up pretty quick. Today could very well be that magic day when all you know what breaks lose on these fish. I did see several anglers haul out some fish yesterday. One guy had been there for some time, but he took out about 20. He had a good mix of fish as well. Others had five or six.
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    I was out there a couple hours this afternoon, upstream from steps. Only saw one guy catching, and he was catching in the same little eddy I saw people catching in last week. I prospected up and down with no bites. Water is higher and dirtier than last week, if you don't know where the gravel bars are you aren't getting across. Around 20 cars but wasn't too crowded on the water.

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    Best fishing is from other side. I have yet to cross the river this year. Not enough action for me to get wet yet. Yeah, you better know where to wade across before trying it right now.
    Like I said above, there should be a good bite going on right now, but there is not. Who knows, it could turn on at any time now.

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    The Steps? Where is this?

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    type "steps" in the search box and click on Go............

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    I fished way up on willis creek Friday. Hiked in from the county road. Only managed 2 keeper males. Grinded it out for sure. I must've fished about 3 miles of the twists and turns. It appears the females haven't made that far up the creek yet. The water clarity was good and there was decent current. Caught both on white grub with chartreuse curly tail.Willis Whites 2.jpg
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