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  1. Lake Travis sunday morning tourney
  2. Need partner for Lake Travis Tuesday nights....
  3. Front seat needed Travis Tuesday nighter
  4. Boat partner
  5. Looking for a ride when ever!!
  6. Just moved to Zilker Park area from Houston, need some help!
  7. Beginning Angler looking to get off the banks
  8. Looking to backseat at Skeeter Owners Tournament
  9. Anyone going out to Lake Austin or Travis tomorrow?
  10. Bass Champs LBJ 5/16
  11. Looking for a fishing partner near Austin or Travis with boat
  12. Fayette and tournaments
  13. Looking for a partner, i live in san marcos
  14. Late Notice! Boater looking for backseater for BassChamps LBJ tomorrow
  15. Sunday, sunday, sundayyyyyy!!!
  16. Need A Fishing Partner (Boater)
  17. Lake Falcon Tournament next 2 weeks
  18. TTZ Event on Canyon Lake in April
  19. Looking to fill your backseat for a wednesday nighter?
  20. bastrop 19th
  21. looking for boater bass champs belton lake
  22. I wanna fish the 1st wed nighter dammit!!!!
  23. Deep Sea Trip for Tuna Take 2
  24. $100 to let me be your second on Lake Austin
  25. Any boaters looking for a backseater for TTZ Austin
  26. Bastrop - fishing partner needed - I have boat!
  27. looking for lake travis partnera
  28. Need partner for TTZ Tourney, LBJ Feb 28th
  29. in search of boater for bass champs central
  30. Deep Sea trip for tuna
  31. 12/14 Lake Austin Sunday morning Tournament --- Looking for backseat
  32. Sunday Lake Austin backseat
  33. fishing partnert wanted
  34. Looking for partners with boats
  35. FAN looking for some additional boat captains for Lake Travis 11/8
  36. needing a boater partner for 11/09/2014 Sunday jackpot
  37. Lake Austin
  38. back seat needed for lake austin sunday morning tournament 10-26
  39. Night Trip?
  40. back seat welcome anytime
  41. you don't have a boat? get one... start here.
  42. lake travis back seat open tomorrow
  43. Backseat needed for Wednesday Nighter
  44. Deck hand, fishing partner, you name it
  45. Looking for a boat buddy!
  46. High school bass fishing team help
  47. Looking for a fishing partner for this evening.
  48. Anyone fishing Saturday night?
  49. are you needing a back seat filled tonight?
  50. lake travis back seat open tomorrow
  51. lake travis sunday partner needed?
  52. Anyone need a back seat filled tonight? (8/16)
  53. Friday or saturday Night fishin
  54. If anyone needs a backseat filled
  55. back seat needed for travis sunday morning needed
  56. New to bass fishing, looking for an open backseat.
  57. Looking for a ride on the 23rd of July
  58. Looking to join up as backseater 7-16
  59. Back seat open for sat tournament
  60. Need a back seat filled for wednesday night on LA 7-16?
  61. ISO: summer slam backseat
  62. Travis Sunday 7/13
  63. travis sunday 7-13-14
  64. LA tonight need a backseat!
  65. Need a regular fishing partner
  66. Travis Sunday 7/6
  67. Lake Austin
  68. back seat needed for travis sunday morning for a newbie.
  69. Summer Slam Backseat
  70. TTZ Wednesday night 6/18
  71. Lake Travis Sunday Morning Tournament 6-22-14 open backseats and backseats needed?
  72. LA Tuesday
  73. lake travis sunday morning tournament back seat needed
  74. Waco Friday
  75. Lake gtown backseat open 5-22 afternoon
  76. Do you have backseat available?
  77. Gas Money! Free Lunch! and Slayin' Largemouth!
  78. TTZ Belton need to fill backseat
  79. LA Rough fishing - backseat open 4/24-4/26
  80. Need a back seater for Wednesday nighter 4/9?
  81. Visiting Family
  82. Anyone need a LA backseater Saturday night?
  83. Need a partner for tonight 4/2 LA TTZ
  84. Back seater for this Wednesday nighter?
  85. back seat for travis monday night tournament.
  86. Looking for a ride
  87. Work near 360 Bridge (about 0.1 miles from it), let me know if you need a backseater
  88. TTZ Wednesday Nighter back seater
  89. TTZ backseater
  90. Colorado River Sunday
  91. LA TTZ tourney 2-22-14 back seater.
  92. Back Seater!
  93. LA Sat afternoon
  94. I'm free tomorrow...
  95. Free this weekend!
  96. Lake Austin Fishing- Have boat, Need fishing buds
  97. Need a backseater this weekend?
  98. Backseat Open on LA tonight 12-17-13
  99. Austin Trip-12/20-12/24 need backseater
  100. Coast Trip-12/19-12/21 need backseater
  101. Travis for Dinner Guads 12/4
  102. LETS FISH 12/2 0r 12/3?
  103. Anyone want to fill a backseat for TTZ?
  104. Future Fishing Partner - San Antonio
  105. Backseat for Saturday ?
  106. Any open backseats this evening?
  107. big sandy backseat
  108. BSCBC Tournament Backseat?
  109. No more boat
  110. lake austin today (sunday)
  111. Non Boater looking for a ride
  112. Backseat open in the am for lake Austin.
  113. anyone having a meat haul trip?
  114. LA Saturday need a backseater early bassin
  115. 1/2 day at Austin or Bastrop ?
  116. I own a kayak, not a boat. Looking to fish a tournament.
  117. Backseat open for 10/4 - LA rough fishing
  118. Backseat open for Wednesday nighter 9/25
  119. Want a backseater this weekend?
  120. Belton, Saturday 09/14
  121. Monday am
  122. Still looking for a seat this weekend...
  123. Backseater avail for this Saturday
  124. New member looking to backseat on Wed. nights
  125. Back in Austin
  126. Any takers ?
  127. Beer ' n gas money right here
  128. Austin Offshore meet and greet Hooters at 2700 I35
  129. Dumb question...Bank Fishing Tourneys?!
  130. looking for backseat/bastrop 8/12
  131. take me fishing!
  132. Backseater available tomorrow (8/11)
  133. Open back seat
  134. Looking to fill a backseat at Lake Austin tomorrow evening 8/7.
  135. Looking for Partner New to Austin
  136. Bastrop Friday, First Run
  137. Tournament Partner
  138. Got a Pass
  139. LT Friday Morning (7/26) out of Dink
  140. Open Seat for G Town Tonight
  141. Open seat for Bastrop T tonight.
  142. Bastrop sat morning
  143. Looking for a boater
  144. Open seat for bastrop this afternoon
  145. Non-Tourney Fri PM or Sat AM
  146. Fishing maņana
  147. Any open seats for ttz tonight?
  148. bastrop seat open tonight
  149. Bastrop Backseat Thursday?
  150. Need a Back Deck for LA 7/6
  151. I will fill any backseat tournament or not just wanna fish
  152. Looking for open back seat
  153. Looking for an open back seat!!
  154. Austin tonight?
  155. I want to experience a TTZ Wed Night Tourney
  156. G-town Back seat ?
  157. Need to backseat Gtown tomorrow
  158. Looking For A Backseat On LA Tonight
  159. want someone to fish with?
  160. Austin early tomorrow
  161. anyone heading to fish tonight?
  162. neat a fishing p or fill a backseat?
  163. need a last minute backseater?
  164. Need a back seater for LA tournament tomorrow night 5-8-13?
  165. Open back seat for Georgetown T tonight
  166. Backseat open for TexasTeamTrail on Belton!
  167. Fishing partner
  168. Wednesday nighter 4/24/13
  169. This weekend
  170. Port O'Connor/Seadrift Friday Afternoon
  171. Belton this weekend???
  172. If there is a backseat available for TTZ Wed Night Tourney on 4/17
  173. Night Lights
  174. Wed 4/10/13
  175. TTZ LA Wednesday nighter 4/3
  176. anyone willing to take a rookie out?
  177. Need a back seater???
  178. LA tonight?
  179. Lake austin back seat
  180. Hitting Travis tomorrow-back seat open
  181. I need a boater for tonight
  182. Given a hall pass for Friday AM!! 3/29/13
  183. Wednesday night?
  184. I have yet to catch a bass for 2013 any open seats for 3/24/13??
  185. Ttz wed nighters
  186. Ttz 3/20 Boater needed!!
  187. Open back seat Bastrop tomorrow, Sat 3/16 8am
  188. High School Tournament on LBJ - last minute boaters needed
  189. Austin 3/4
  190. TTZ Lake Austin 3/16
  191. Ready to fish
  192. Looking for a boat this weekend.
  193. Lake Austin 2/20
  194. Any open seats next week
  195. Anyone fishing this week?
  196. Lak Austin 2/14
  197. Saturday backseat
  198. Backseat open this weekend, LA catfishing
  199. Rods in the truck...
  200. Buster Backseat Tomorrow afternoon
  201. Back seat open for lady bird in the am.
  202. Backseat today?
  203. Looking for a Lake Austin day trip for my son and I 3/9/2013
  204. Looking for backseater for TTZ on LBJ. 2/16
  205. Sunday 2-3-13
  206. Tonight
  207. Back seat open Friday afternoon
  208. LA this evening?
  209. back seat open for experienced lake austin fisherman
  210. partnerless backseaters looking to fish TTZ trail
  211. Anyone going out this week?
  212. Monday MLK
  213. fishin next week?
  214. anyone fishing this weekend?
  215. Toledo Bend - Back Seat Open - Either Feb 2-3 or 9-10
  216. Want to learn about boats/boating!
  217. Saltwater
  218. Up early any boaters have a open seat ill pay half for gas
  219. Tonight or Tomorrow, hoping to get out...
  220. Anybody fishing tomorrow? Looking for a seat.
  221. New to the area...looking for someone to fish with.Any backseats open?
  222. port isabel area
  223. Amistad Jan 12-13 - Back Seat Open
  224. 9AM Ladybird - need backseat
  225. Dunlap Sunday.
  226. new to austin
  227. LA tomorrow?
  228. Headed to bastrop with an open seat
  229. Anybody go to Lake Buchanan I would like a back seat
  230. Playing Hooky tomorrow
  231. anyone want to brave the wind?
  232. Anyone want a back seater this weekend?
  233. new to Austin
  234. Austin this afternoon?
  235. Travis on Friday Morning
  236. Anyone going to Buchanan this Sunday?
  237. Travis in the Morning
  238. Travis Tomorrow AM
  239. Open backseat for TTZ Travis this weekend?
  240. Pace Bend today - open seat
  241. I will have a back seat open for Sunday
  242. Lake Travis today
  243. Anyone want to take a half day and hit LA for a few hours?
  244. anyone want a have a back seat thanks giving day?
  245. Always looking to go Fishing.
  246. Falcon Thanksgiving Trip
  247. LA - Right now - open seat
  248. White/crappie trip
  249. Looking for a Backseat for this weekend
  250. Travis today - seat available